Revolutionize quality and performance of your e-commerce content!

Discover our four AI-powered features: categorization, enrichment, standardization and generation. All our features are designed to support multiple languages and handle high volumes with ease.
Choose one or more features to suit your your needs. No technical skills required.

Categorize products

Classify each product according to your target nomenclature by automatically assigning it one or more pre-established categories.

→ Accelerate your suppliers’ and vendors’ time to market

→ Offer a fluid and efficient filter-based search experience

→ Ensure intuitive catalog navigation

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Categorize your product data

Enrich attributes

Complete your product sheets by automatically extracting and normalizing missing attributes from titles and descriptions.

→ Improve the quality of your repository

→ Simplify the creation of new attributes

→ Facilitate the recommendation of complementary or substitute products

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Standardize attributes

Standardize your product sheets by automatically rewriting all variants of an attribute according to a standard suggested by our AI or chosen by you.

→ Detect and correct poor-quality, heterogeneous attributes

→ Make product comparison easier for your customers

→ Simplify integration of external repositories

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Standardize attributes

Generate titles and descriptions

Automatically write punchy, search engine-optimized titles and descriptions that capture the essence of your brand and speak directly to your customer personas.

→ Scale your content creation

→ Ensure consistent quality in creation

→ Improve your online visibility

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Normalize any type of textual data

To see its functionalities applied to concrete cases, discover our use cases.

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Normalize any type of textual data