Clean up and enrich all your text data.

Three dedicated features.
Each feature can be used independently, but can also be combined according to your needs.

Data standardization

Data standardization consists of identifying words or groups of words in order to group them into the same category. These words are then rewritten according to a statistically defined standard or parameterized according to your criteria.

Any established standardization action can then be automatically extended to all data in the category.

This feature allows to homogenize elements coming from different sources, which have not been standardized beforehand. 

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Data labelling

Data labelling allows you to classify them simply. The data is thus classified within labels that you determine according to your needs. They can also be automatically detected by our AI.

It is also possible to automatically detect, from a short list of words linked to a label, all the other words possibly linked to it, existing within your files.

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Data grouping

Data grouping brings together two identical or similar elements, yet described by different words. This method allows you to merge information from several different databases.

Data grouping is ideal for eliminating duplicates, categorizing items or creating bridges between different files.

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Normalize any type of textual data

To see its functionalities applied to concrete cases, discover our use cases.

Use cases
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