Take back control of your marketplace

Optimize your vendors' online catalogs: our AI automatically corrects categorizations and enriches new product data.

Onboard your vendors’ catalogs

From now on, reduce the hours spent linking the catalogs supplied by your vendors to your BOM. The automatic process does it all, quickly and easily.

  • Correct, enrich and automatically associate each product with the right level of categorization in your taxonomy
  • Your Marketplace is up to date with complete, categorized product data

Reduce your Time-to-Market

Go faster than the other! Our solution lets you re-create enriched and optimized product catalogs, while reducing manual validation requests. Your teams work faster, with better results.


  • Easily integrate your products via the Mirakl connector or API
  • Receive your standardized and optimized product catalogs in your Marketplace
  • Publish updated products more quickly according to your taxonomy
  • Quickly and easily adapt your catalog to the holiday season, black Friday and sales.

Maximize conversions with quality product sheets

Automate the enrichment of your sellers’ data to publish optimized product sheets. This improves your product referencing, as well as your internal search engines (search bar & filters).

Boost sales with improved customer navigation

Boost sales with improved customer navigation

Choose your categorization criteria and our AI categorizes all your sellers’ data automatically. No more erroneous categorizations: all your references can be found easily by your customers on your marketplace.

  • Standardize your product listings quickly and easily
  • Use the right categories: AI makes category suggestions to correct existing errors.
  • Create a reliable and complete sales catalog with up-to-date, enriched and well-classified product data
  • Streamline the end-customer experience with clearer, more up-to-date listings
Mirakl integration

YZR easily and automatically syncs to your Mirakl marketplace taxonomy. Your sellers’ catalog are automatically reworked by our AI after they are uploaded to your marketplace.

The seller product data is then enriched: the mandatory attributes are completed and standardized. The secondary attributes are also completed and your products can be put online.

Categorization is then carried out: this automatic process allows you to arrange your sellers’ products in accordance with your tree structure with the greatest possible granularity.


➡️ 1000 references processed per minute compared to an average of 2 per minute for a human.

➡️ 3x more attributes filled on average per product: 1.5 attributes filled on average by a seller compared to 4.4 attributes filled on average with YZR

➡️ Cut your time-to-market by 2

➡️ 90% more accuracy in categorising new products on your marketplace

Meet an expert
How does it work?

1️⃣ Connect YZR to your Marketplace

You start by synchronizing the product data of your marketplace with the Mirakl connector.

2️⃣ Standardize your salers’ product data

Choose your classification standards: our AI corrects and enriches all of your vendors’ product data. Your nomenclature is then respected with reliable attributes, quickly and effortlessly.

3️⃣ Automate the categorization of your sellers’ products with AI

Categorization is implemented in accordance with the tree structure of your marketplace: your sellers’ products are classified in the right places.

4️⃣ Catalogs of your sellers synchronize with your Marketplace

Receive in your Marketplace :

  • 3x richer and more complete seller product data;
  • Seller product data with a correction accuracy of 70%;
  • 90% categorized vendor product data.
Boost your Marketplace

Productivity gains

Automatically categorize products on sale without any manual intervention.

Better quality of your data

Correct category errors from your staff and standardize the references of your platform.

Increase your sales

Improve your conversions with comprehensive product listings and a smoother customer experience.

Reduced time-to-market

Speed up the entire process of getting new products online for your salers.

Easy to use

Do not impose any constraints on your sales staff: they no longer need to adapt to your nomenclature because our AI does it for you.

Easy to use & Manage

Allow your sellers to put their products online in a completely autonomous way and thus make the process easier and faster to manage.

Easy to integrate: our AI has been thought to be complementary to your marketplace.

We connect to your marketplace: depending on your needs, either via an API or a platform. Connect YZR either upstream or downstream of your data flow. You then gain in efficiency and benefit from an in-real-time normalization of your data.