Take back control of your e-commerce

YZR helps you optimize your e-commerce conversion rate: our AI automatically categorizes, enriches and standardizes your product data.

The AI-based SaaS that consolidates your product data.


Categorize your product data

AI respects your nomenclature and is able to assign one or more categories to each product according to its characteristics.

  • Categorize your products granularly;
  • Create new repositories according to your suppliers.
Categorize your product data



Enrich your attributes

AI automatically detects and retrieves information from product sheets to add or complete columns in your catalog.

  • Complete product attributes by extracting values from a free-form description: composition, strength, color, weight…
  • Create new product attribute fields




Standardize your descriptions

Choose reference standards and see all your products conform to them in just a few clicks. This speeds up the time-to-market for new products and increases their quality.

  • Homogenize elements from different sources;
  • Automatically identify and correct anomalies;
  • Manage multilingual product data




Boost your PIM

Easily integrate our solution upstream of your PIM for automatically standardized, classified and enriched product data.

  • Quickly launch your PIM with classified data
  • Distribute correct product information
  • Automate data classification
  • Complement your existing data software ecosystem
  • Save time and generate additional revenue



Increase your average basket

Proper preparation and automatic enrichment of your product data brings out opportunities for additional sales, increasing your buyers’ average basket.


Simple integration, intuitive platform

Our solution is designed to complement PIMs and other product data management software: depending on your needs, it can be integrated via an API or presented as a platform.

Two technical options are available to you:

Manage the automatic classification of your products from our platform;
Or connect our API to your PIM, upstream of your data storage.
In both cases, you benefit from real-time standardization of your data.

Boost your e-commerce

Data cleaning and standardization

Automatically standardize old and new product data.

Accelerated time-to-market

Gain responsiveness and bring new products online faster.

PIM integration

Easily integrate our solution upstream of your PIM for automatically standardized, classified and enriched product data.

Easy to use

No more hours spent correcting data by hand: our AI takes care of everything.

Optimized shopping paths

Offer visitors to your e-commerce site a personalized experience by suggesting similar or complementary products, automatically identified by our AI.

Additional sales

Increase your average shopping basket by proposing additional or substitute products within the same range.

Let our team show you how YZR can help you manage your e-commerce product data.