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4x more enriched attributes on your product sheets
7x faster onboarding of suppliers and vendors
12 languages supported simultaneously on your product sheets
150 000 products processed automatically every day

Categorize and label your product data

Adapt new products to the tree structure (or trees) of the taxonomy you're using, or create new categories and labels.

ToysBulding set & blocks...3 to 5yo5 to 9yo10+yoL1L2L3

Take your attributes to the next level

Transform your raw product titles and descriptions into structured, enriched data.

Organic cherry jamin a glass jar12 ozpackaging: glass jarweight: 12 ozflavor: cherryorganic: yes/no

Standardize all your product information and descriptions

Automatically standardize all attribute writing variations in your naming convention.

Standardisation des attributsWith microphoneWith microphoneWith microphoneWith microphoneW micMicro phone

Write eye-catching titles and descriptions to scale

Instantly generate striking, SEO-friendly, multilingual titles and customized product descriptions.

Meet consumer expectations & simplify the work of your teams

84% of consumers have abandoned a purchase on the Internet because of incorrect product information.

Discover the impact of your data

Boost your conversions

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