Data normalization: practical cases

Improving the old, merging ERP data, changing PIM... We have selected for you concrete examples of data normalization applications.


Data quality and the ability to simply link separate databases is paramount.

At YZR, we help data specialists and novices alike to significantly improve their performance by leveraging the full potential of the data at their disposal.

Market Place

Accélérer le temps de mise sur le marché et la qualité des données des fournisseurs.


Optimiser la qualité des fiches-produits et harmoniser les attributs.


Améliorer la veille grâce à la détection de produits aux attributs similaires.


Regrouper des bases de données de clients et supprimer les doublons.


Fusionner des données ERP sans projet de migration SI.

Analytics BI

Normaliser les données de différentes filiales.

Digitalisation de l’offre

Optimiser ses catalogues et son référencement SEO.

Changement de PIM / ERP

Nettoyer ses données d’historiques pour faciliter le transfert.

Gestion RH

Harmoniser des référentiels métiers ou des listes de compétences.


Taguer et standardiser des expériences candidats.

Data normalization: some use cases

Improvement and reliability of catalog data.

The problem to be solved :

  • difficulty in processing different data
  • loss of time
  • frequent errors

The solution proposed by yzr:

  • retrieve data from various sources (which are not structured in a homogenized way)
  • detect variants of the same word ;
  • automatically label attributes ;
  • identify similar products;
  • quickly and sustainably optimize your catalogs and databases.

Merge enterprise repositories.

The problem to be solved:

  • difficulty in sharing data quickly and efficiently within the same organization;
  • lack of a single enterprise repository;
  • data from different subsidiaries, different tools or different countries.

The solution proposed by yzr :

  • attach objects from different databases;
  • consolidate them together.

Standardization and tagging of customer reviews.

Issues to be addressed:

  • the complexity of manually transcribing the minutes ;
  • writing by several authors who each describe the same information in their own way.

The solution proposed by yzr :

  • automatically harmonize these reports;
  • improvement of the efficiency of the Customer Service.