Hadrien Diesbecq The 16 March 2022

YZR among the “100 startups that count in 2020” of Challenges magazine

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Yzr develops a solution for automating data normalization based on a library of sector-specific repositories with two software tools: a data normalization tool and a repository design and maintenance tool. This start-up is part of the “100 start-ups to invest in 2020” selection by Challenges.

YZR parmi les 100

Former marketing and data boss at L’Oréal, Sébastien Garcin teamed up in late 2018 with Jean-Philippe Poisson, an entrepreneur who founded and sold Elia Consulting, a digital transformation consultancy, and Marc-Aurèle Foucart, a traffic and data scientist. The trio created Yzr (pronounced “ouïsère”, like the English adjective “wiser”) to solve a problem that plagues the lives of data scientists: poor data quality. Their software, which will be distributed by subscription (in SaaS mode) allows to “normalize” data. In other words, it makes them homogeneous and exploitable. “Many start-ups develop algorithms that don’t work well because they are provided with dirty data. We do this thankless job of cleaning”, explains Sébastien Garcin.

The start-up wants to develop by major sectors – knowing that each business needs to create its own repository, i.e. a language that allows to interpret and classify data. Yzr raised 250,000 euros in the spring from business angels. Its new round of financing – which will complete the seed phase – will fund the creation of the platform that will distribute its software. “Our ambition is to eventually cover all sectors: marketing, distribution, financial services…”, explains Sébastien Garcin. Yzr’s first target is the distribution sector. It targets companies with a chief data officer.

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