What for?

No more manual standardization on spreadsheets.

Reduce time you spend on spreadsheets correcting manually your textual data and looking in your entire rows for similar words to standardize one by one.

Correct your textual data easier and faster.

Thanks to our AI, all typo errors, abbreviations and textual similarities will be automatically detected and corrected in one time. No more need to create custom Regex or equivalent !

A new clean data file ready to use.

You can directly download
your new cleaned and normalized data file ready to use.

Move the slider from left to right to see yzr’s magic in action

After yzr’s magic with “variant group” feature Before using “variant group” feature

Use case


Waad / Chief Product Officer

 used our feature for:
Customer reviews
Homogenize reviews put on Google by customers to enable faster and cleaner categorization

Raphael / Buyer

 used our feature for:
Suppliers Management
Standardize names of suppliers or brands to have a proper and clean database

Julie / Product Manager

 used our feature for:
Product Information Management
Standardize and correct all products' attributes

How it works

Recognize variant
inside your file

Our AI will take few minutes to identify single variants and create groups based on textual similarities

Identify a standard and change every variant automaticly

Your file will be clean: every variant will be changed for the standard.

Download your newly normalized file.

Download your clean and ready to be shared file.

Want to go further with standardization?

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