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We offer an extensive collection of pre-set guidelines for common automation scenarios, ensuring a smooth setup. Additionally, you can customize outcomes to match your specific requirements and business policies. You have full control over the style, narrative, and length, enabling a tailored and impactful automation process.


The tool adapts to your product taxonomy and category rules, ensuring each product meets its group's standards and maintains consistency within the category. This improves the quality and uniformity of your product content, streamlining e-commerce site management.


Our SaaS can enrich product data if the initial input is too sparse. The AI can automatically fill in missing information and enhance the product descriptions using various data sources, specialized algorithms and available images in the input data to generate more detailed and accurate content.

SEO Standards

Enhance the online visibility of your products with just one click and strengthen your presence with descriptions and titles optimized for search engines. You just need to provide your list of keywords, and we'll handle the rest.


Produce content in bulk: the tool is industrialized for large volumes. You save precious time while increasing the quality of your content. And you can adapt easily all your content according to your commercial periods (sales, Black Friday, Mother's Day, etc) or channels (your website, Amazon, etc).


Get high-quality product descriptions in numerous languages. Generation occurs directly in the desired language while respecting the cultural specificities of each language.

Tailored AI Features: Expert Solutions for Your Automation Needs

Our SaaS tool is meticulously engineered to optimize the creation and publication of your product sheets. Utilizing advanced AI technology, we’ve developed specialized features that integrate directly into your content creation workflow, enhancing both efficiency and precision. Each feature is carefully designed to tackle the specific challenges of producing high-quality product sheets, ensuring that you have the most effective tools at your disposal to enhance content accuracy and streamline publication.

Discover how our bespoke solutions can transform the way you develop and distribute product content, driving success in your business processes.

Smart pre-set features

Our "Smart Pre-Set Rules" feature eliminates the need for users to create their own rules from scratch. We've developed a comprehensive set of pre-configured rules tailored to common automation scenarios, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup process. These intelligent rules are designed to adapt to your specific needs, saving you time and reducing the complexity of initial configuration. With our smart pre-set rules, you can quickly implement effective automation strategies and focus on what truly matters for your business.

Settings by Categories: Streamlined Configuration

Our "Settings by Categories" feature revolutionizes the generation of product titles and descriptions by organizing settings into specific categories. This ensures that each category is configured to respect its unique requirements. Whether you're fine-tuning product titles, optimizing descriptions for SEO, or customizing promotional text, our categorized settings offer a streamlined and efficient setup.

File Mapping: Effortless Content Integration

Our "File Mapping" feature makes integrating product titles and descriptions effortless by allowing you to upload your files as they are, without needing to adapt your legacy structure. Simply upload your existing files, and our system will intuitively help you to map the content to the appropriate fields. This ensures a smooth and accurate transfer of information, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of reformatting data. Enhance your ecommerce operations with our file mapping feature, designed for seamless and efficient content integration directly from your legacy files.

Multilingual by Design: Global Reach with Ease

Our "Multilingual by Design" feature ensures that your product titles and descriptions can effortlessly reach a global audience. Built with multilingual capabilities at its core, our system supports multiple languages from the outset, eliminating the need for additional plugins or adjustments. Easily generate and manage content in various languages, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all markets. Expand your ecommerce reach and cater to diverse customer bases with our intuitive, multilingual design, making global content generation and management seamless and efficient.

Automate Accuracy with Quality Score

By evaluating each content against the precise criteria established in your prompt, this advanced system ensures that your content is closely aligned with your specific requirements. The Quality Score reduces the need for extensive manual reviews and adjustments. This feature streamlines your workflow by automating quality control, allowing you to focus more on strategic tasks and less on routine checks. Optimize your efficiency and enhance your output with our Quality Score, your ally in reducing manual oversight and boosting productivity.


Pro Plan

Advanced features for small and medium businesses aiming to optimize their product content.

Included Features:
- Automated product content generation: titles, meta-descriptions, detailed descriptions
- Multi-language support (up to 3 languages)
- SEO Optimization Tools
- Product data enrichment
- Email support

€89/month per user
Monthly credits Included: 600
Additional Credits Pack: 2,000 credits for €99

Elite Plan

The ultimate solution for enterprises requiring extensive capabilities, advanced integrations, and premium support.

Included Features:
- All features from the Pro Plan
- Unlimited language support
- Integration with major e-commerce platforms and PIM systems (Shopify, Mirakl, Akeneo) or custom integrations

Services and Benefits:
- Personalized training and onboarding for your team
- Priority email and phone support
- Dedicated Success Manager
- Access to Exclusive Webinars and Tutorials
- Flexible Billing Options


How easy is it to get started with the SaaS?

Getting started is quick and easy. Once you sign up, you'll have access to a comprehensive onboarding guide and personalized training sessions, especially for Elite Plan subscribers. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to upload your product data and start generating product content right away.

Can I customize the product descriptions generated by the AI?

Yes, both Pro and Elite Plan users can customize product descriptions. They benefit from advanced AI customization options to tailor the output to specific brand guidelines and preferences for different product categories and even sub-categories. There is no limit to the number of content pieces that can be produced. For example, you can create a title for your website, a different title for Amazon, and another one for a Christmas campaign.

Can the SaaS enhance product data if the input data is insufficient?

Yes, our SaaS can enrich product data if the initial input is too sparse. The AI can automatically fill in missing information and enhance the product descriptions using various data sources, including analyzing available images in the input data to generate more detailed and accurate content.

How are credits used for generating different types of product content?

Credits are used based on the type of content generated:

- Product Title: Generating a product title in one language costs 1 credit.
- Meta Description: Generating a meta description for SEO in one language costs 2 credits.
- Product Description: Generating a detailed product description (short or long) in one language costs 3 credits.

For example, 600 credits allow you to generate 600 titles or 100 complete product listings in one language per month

What happens if I exceed my monthly credit limit?

If you exceed your monthly credit limit, you can purchase additional credits in packs of 2,000 for €99 each. This ensures you can continue generating product content without interruption.

Can the SaaS enhance product data if the input data is insufficient?

Yes, our SaaS can enrich product data if the initial input is too sparse. The AI can automatically fill in missing information and enhance the product descriptions using various data sources, including analyzing available images in the input data to generate more detailed and accurate content.

How does the human-AI partnership work within the SaaS?

Our platform is designed to keep the human user at the center of the process. You have full control to review, verify, and modify the AI-generated content. Your modifications and feedback are taken into account to continuously improve the output. Additionally, a quality score for each generated content piece helps you quickly identify and revise entries that may need further attention.

What file formats are supported for input data?

We currently accept CSV and XLS file formats, with support for XML coming soon. Our SaaS is compatible with all datasets in these formats, as it provides the capability to map the data, ensuring seamless integration and processing of your product information. For Elite Plan users, we also offer native integrations with major e-commerce platforms and PIM systems, as well as the possibility to connect via API for even greater flexibility.

Is the SaaS secure and compliant with data privacy regulations?

Yes, our SaaS is designed with robust security measures to protect your data. We comply with all major data privacy regulations, including GDPR, to ensure that your information is handled securely and responsibly.

How is this SaaS different from ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is a general-purpose conversational AI, our SaaS is specifically designed for generating product descriptions for e-commerce. It offers advanced customization options to align with brand guidelines and product categories. Additionally, it includes features such as credit-based usage, multi-language support, product enrichment and integrations with major e-commerce platforms, making it a specialized tool for optimizing your product content.

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