Standardize your e-commerce product data

Automate the preparation of your e-commerce product listings to simplify navigation and enhance the experience of your visitors. Our AI-powered solution creates attributes, cleans data, standardizes information, and classifies products automatically.

Data cleaning and standardization

Automatically standardize data in your existing and new product listings.

Accelerated time-to-market

Improve your responsiveness and launch new products faster.

Simplicity of use

Eliminate hours spent manually correcting data. Our AI solution takes care of everything.

Complementary solution

Our AI solution is adaptable to your needs, whether in the form of a platform or an API.




Standardize product data and descriptions

Select reference standards and apply them to all your products with a few clicks.

Your e-commerce data is automatically classified and product listings are standardized.





Launch new products faster

Eliminate manual product listing corrections and enrichments. Our AI solution simplifies the integration of new product listings into your e-commerce site.



Be more responsive and sell more

With automation, your time-to-market is significantly improved. This enables you to be more responsive during peak shopping seasons, such as Black Friday and Christmas, leading to increased sales.

Simple integration, intuitive platform

Our solution is designed to be complementary to PIM and other product data management software. It can be integrated through an API or used as a platform.

Significant impact

Data preparation time is reduced by a factor of 10!

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