Automatically enrich your product information.

Offer your marketplace sellers the ability to directly integrate all their products on your platform: our AI takes care of the rest for complete, standardized, and enriched product sheets.

Reduced Time-to-Market

Accelerate the entire process of bringing new products online for your sellers.

Data Cleaning

Automatically standardize incoming product data flows according to your criteria.


Do not impose any constraints on your sellers. They no longer need to adapt to your nomenclature – our AI takes care of it.




Facilitate the Integration of New Products

Neither your teams nor your sellers have to standardize and enrich product information. Our AI does this work, significantly reducing errors and accelerating the launch of new references.





Limit your Go-to-Market constraints

Considerably reduce your time-to-market and adapt your product offerings according to seasonality. Christmas, Black Friday, Sales: adapt your catalog simply and quickly.




Standardize your product data and descriptions

Choose your ranking criteria, and our AI standardizes and enriches all your product information. Your marketplace data respects your nomenclature without effort.

Simple integration, intuitive platform

Our solution is designed to complement marketplaces: depending on your needs, it integrates via an API or appears as a platform.

Strong impact

Our customers report reducing their data preparation time by a factor of 10.

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