Automatically categorize the products on your marketplace

Connect your platform to an artificial intelligence designed for marketplaces. Simplify the process of listing new products for your sellers and provide an optimal customer experience to increase your sales.

Increased productivity

Automatically categorize products for sale without any manual intervention.

Data quality

Correct your sellers’ category errors and standardize your platform’s references.

Simplified management

Enable your sellers to completely and independently list their products.

Optimize your sales

Streamline the end customer experience with clearer and up-to-date product listings.




Integrate new products from your sellers more quickly

Our AI automatically categorizes all new products into the correct categories. No constraints are placed on your sellers and products are easily and quickly integrated.

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Standardize the classification of your product listings

Our AI automatically classifies the desired information into the categories you have chosen.

No more uncontrolled data flows: all of your references are ready for sale.




Create a reliable and comprehensive sales catalog

Up-to-date, enriched, and well-classified products are exactly where they need to be for purchase by your customers.

Your catalog is finally being used to its full potential.





Automatically correct errors in your product listings

Reduce the risk of errors in category selection for each product to almost zero. Save considerable time by checking all results at a glance, without going through each case individually.




Boost your sales with better navigation for your customers

Automatically classified, your products are naturally displayed to interested customers. No more erroneous categorizations: all your references can be easily found by your customers on your marketplace.

Simple integration, AI designed to complement your marketplace

Our AI naturally integrates with your marketplace through an API. Connect our solution upstream or downstream of any potential storage. You gain in responsiveness and can benefit from real-time standardization of your data.

Significant impact

Productivity: our AI categorizes 100 references per minute, on average 2 per minute for a human. Savings: using AI is 10 times cheaper than categorizing products manually.

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