Create links between your products.

Thanks to the analysis of your product sheets by our AI, you are able to offer your e-commerce customers complementary references on your site.

Increase productivity: automatically categorize products on sale without any manual intervention

Productivity gain

Automatically categorize products for sale without any manual intervention.

Optimized purchase journey

Offer a personalized experience to visitors to your e-commerce site through proposals for similar or complementary products automatically identified by our AI.

Additional sales

Increase the amount of your average basket by offering additional or substitute products in the same range.

PIM integration

Easily integrate our solution upstream of your PIM for automatically standardized, categorized, and enriched product data.




Automatically create routings

Thanks to AI, your products are grouped by product line. This approach by product family gives you more visibility and allows you to identify new opportunities for additional sales.





Out of stock? Suggest substitute products

The shopping experience of your customers is optimized: you are able to suggest similar products in case of out of stock.




Increase your average basket

The automatic categorization of your products brings out the possibilities of additional sales, increasing the average basket of your buyers.

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Optimize your stock management

The automation of product classification is also a global view of your stocks and more detailed sales analysis.

AI that integrates with your PIM simply

Two technical possibilities are available to you:

  • You can manage the automatic classification of your products from our platform;

  • Or connect our API to your CMS, upstream or downstream of any data storage.

In both cases, you benefit from real-time normalization of your data.

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